Energy management system


EnerIT IoT Smart Energy is an internationally competitive complex energy management system that includes EnerIT’s unique IoT measurement, monitoring and control devices, the EnerIT IoT Platform – including data visualization – and the various associated EnerIT IoT sensors (e.g. temperature, humidity). The system enables real-time monitoring of a company’s energy systems – mainly electricity, or even natural gas, water, heat consumption – and various comfort characteristics, even at the facility/activity level.
Our devices are able to transmit data directly over multiple communication systems (GSM, Ethernet, WiFi, NB-IOT, LoRa, PLC, etc.) without additional data concentrators, collect data in real time and process it in real time through the energy management platform and send alerts based on the data and intervene if necessary.

The database can be used to perform complex energy analyses.

For the real-time measurement of comfort features, the solution can be connected to various custom wired and long-range wireless sensors (e.g. temperature, humidity, CO2, etc.) supplied by EnerIT.

With the right add-ons, the system can be used to develop complete energy management at enterprise level, including the ability to intervene at equipment level.

EnerIT provides support in many areas of the economy: metallurgy, plastics, food production, bottling, retail, hotels, spas, real estate, logistics, etc.


  • REAL-TIME data forwarding (GSM, Ethernet, WiFi, NB-IOT, LoRa, PLC etc.)
  • 3 phase measurement: 6 / 9 / 18 metering channels in a single device
  • Sampling rate: 100 sample / period /
  • channel (5.000 Hz)
  • Full range of input current: 5A-30,000A
  • Measured quantities (per metering channel) – Taken from Network / Returned to Network:
    • 1 min average of Voltage RMS value
    • Periodic peaks within 1 min: Maximum and minimum of voltage RMS values
    • 1 min average of Current RMS value
    • Periodic peaks within 1 min: Maximum and minimum of current RMS values
    • 1 min average of Effective power (consumption or generated)
    • Periodic peaks within 1 min: Maximum and minimum of RMS values of effective power (consumption or generated)
    • 1 min Average of reactive power (capacitive/inductive)
    • Periodic peaks within 1 min: Maximum and minimum of RMS values of reactive power (inductive and capacitive)
    • 1 min average of mains frequency
    • 1 min average of Cosfi
  • Rolling values (per branch) at 1min resolution: effective power, recycled power, reactive power: inductive or capacitive
  • Accuracy class: <1%
  • Alarms based on the line voltage characteristics (per phase: 1 min VRMS <90%, >110%, 1 min 2 VRMS >110%, differ. 20%, Period VRMS <90%, <10%, Power outage,…)
  • Protection against power outage
  • Pulse counter inputs: 3 pcs (DIN 43864 / EN 62053-31 standard)
  • Optional: Sensor – Connected via CAN BUS
  • Optional: Controller Unit – Connected via CAN BUS

The device uses mainly Microchip integrated circuits (Microchip is a world-leading manufacturer with significant experience in the military and automotive industries).One of the main considerations in the design of our devices was the industrial or, where available, military design of all components used. In addition to the above, great emphasis was placed on sizing each circuit element with adequate margins. The printed circuit board used is produced by a professional manufacturer. The components are mounted under mass production conditions using a water-soluble flux to avoid possible oxidation of the substrate panel.


  • REAL-TIME system
  • Registration of inverter, pulse equivalent and consumer equipment/units
  • Storage of data as converted physical quantities based on current transformer and pulse equivalent registers
  • Basic level visualisation
  • Data export (CSV file format)
  • Data export via REST API
  • E-MAIL ALERTS based on line voltage characteristics
  • Control and Monitoring functions


As an optional service, we offer data analysis methods that can be used to quickly and visually filter out potential anomalies according to a variety of criteria.
  • 1 min charts going back 21 days
  • 15 min charts going back years
  • Dashboard overview – Last month summary
  • Dashboard overview – Last month line voltage anomalies summary
  • Meterological and sensor data
  • Effective power (consumption or generated)
  • Reactive power (capacitive / inductive)
  • Correlation charts (e.g.: Temperature-Power)
  • Line voltage anomalies
  • Sankey, Box and distribution diagrams
  • Power comparison diagram
  • Individual visualization development


PQA devices

Average annual availability: 99.0% (7×24) with client-side data communication, valid PQA warranty and client-side measurement environment. In case of failure, a replacement device will be made available to our customers within 3 working days maximum. Live operational support of devices Service delivery time standard: 8 hours x 5 days 12 months warranty

Management of PQA measurement data in the cloud (AWS)

Average annual availability: 99.5% (7×24) Live
operational support
Service uptime
Standard: 8 hours x 5 days

EnerIT EMS client side application (UI)

Average annual availability: 99.5% (5×8)
Live operational support
Service uptime
Standard: 8 hours x 5 days


Critical error: 90% of cases within 1 working day, 99% of cases within 3 working days.
Serious error: 90% of cases within 3 working days, 99% of cases within 7 working days.

Maximum load

With 10 clients for simultaneous downloads of 1,000 clients (6/7 branches – 18/21 channels PQA):
90% of cases max. 3 sec / CSV, 99% of cases max. 5 sec / CSV. The above values do not include the response time of the Internet browser used at the client side. Client-side minimum requirements: 10Mbps internet bandwidth Computer: Intel I5 CPU + 8GB RAM EnerIT IoT Platform capacity 1.000 pcs (7-branch - 21 channel PQA) = 21.000 pcs channels


Extended warranty

we can provide up to 24, 36 or 60 months warranty on request

Supporting the introduction of custom developments and functionalities

Firmware customisation and other hardware and sensor related developments

Customise power supply, power quality and other monitoring functions

Custom visualisation for IoT Smart Energy Platform

Submetering decree of the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority


Consultation and advice

Reconciling the needs and technical possibilities identified by the client and the technical experts and auditors


Custom solutions


We deliver our equipment to our customers professionally installed


Certification PQA
EN ISO 9001:2015